Beginners Guide to Muscle Building.

Muscle BuildingBefore beginning a fitness regime, a beginner must choose his exercise routine according to the results one wants to achieve. As a beginner you may have searched long and hard to find a training schedule that is suitable for you. But the more you search, the more confusing the range of options become. Let me give you a few tips to ensure your success.

Set a goal

First of all make shorter goals as you can easily achieve them. Suppose you are a few pounds overweight and you want to attain toned muscles. For shedding the extra pounds, keep a check on your calorie intake. For a beginner in body building, it is imperative to understand that it is the rest after a training session, which facilitates muscle growth. So the concept of training the same muscles daily will not work rather it will hinder their growth. Here are a few effective tips:

  • Over training will put your body under constant pressure.
  • Give adequate rest to your body and you will get wonderful results.
  • Start with lighter weights and increase them gradually, as you become confident to handle them.
  • Start with basic exercises that will help increase strength of your body, such as bench press, squat and dead lift. The increased strength will make you capable of performing different types of workouts.

Keep in mind when you are seeing a body builder that his body is not the result of months but it is the result of continuous years of hard work.

Overtraining Will Fasten Your Growth

Be patient if you are not getting the desired results, you may be a hard gainer. But that does not mean you cannot increase your size. Don’t worry if the volume of your biceps or thighs is not increasing. Many people face the same situation; you could be one of them. A number of factors are responsible for muscle growth, including genetics, proper nutrition and right training schedule.

Use a small notebook to track your progress every two weeks by weighing, getting the pictures of your muscles, and making workout sheets. By having a look on documented progress you could find out your shortcomings months later.

Proper technique

Suppose you are starting with 10 lbs of weight for bench press. After two weeks just increase it by only two pounds. You must emphasise on the proper technique to complete the movement rather than increasing weight. While lifting the barbell, have a balanced grip and slowly bring it down. Targeted muscles must be contracted and expanded fully. Never forget to start with a warm-up set; as it will prepare your body for handling weights. Take some rest after every set for one or two minutes.


It is important to consider proper sports nutrition. A protein powder like Wheymax is the most essential supplement to increase the volume of your muscles. Additionally, Creaplus and Mega Aminos BCAAs can aid endurance and recovery.










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