Is Hoodia Really An Effective Appetite Suppressant?

hoodiaWhen we eat, our bodies convert our food into glucose that is sent to all our organs, tissues, and cells through the bloodstream.  As this glucose fills our blood, a signal is sent to the brain that tells us that we are full and no more food is needed at this point.  Of course, once the glucose has reached its goals and the amount in the blood diminishes, our brains now perceive that it is time to replenish the supply and we begin to feel hungry.  Hunger pangs and cravings usually lead to diet failure – and the small portions usually allowed with a diet will leave you feeling hungry even more quickly than a normal meal would.

Diet pills of various kinds have been used to suppress appetite, with results that can be great or nonexistent.  Some pills rely on heavy doses of caffeine to keep you from feeling hungry and to try to speed up your metabolism to burn more calories.  The trouble with this kind of pill is that those who take it often feel jittery and nervous and have difficulty falling asleep.  Other diet pills were actually found to be health risks and have since been withdrawn from the market.

However, it was discovered during the Twentieth Century that the Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert chewed hoodia gordonii to quell hunger and thirst as they hunted.  Investigation into what causes this effect has led to the isolation of an ingredient that has been named P57.  This substance actually tricks the brain into thinking that there is plenty of glucose in your blood.  When adequate glucose for bodily functions is present, you feel full.  Hoodia appears to have the ability to let you feel full even if it’s been hours since you have eaten.

If you have tried numerous diet programs and experienced nothing but disappointment and failure, due mostly to food cravings, perhaps you should give hoodia a try.  Many people have found that by taking the recommended dosage of hoodia before a meal that they tend not only to be satisfied with less food, but also not to feel hungry between meals.  However, as with any diet supplement, results can vary from person to person.  One thing to always keep in mind when searching for the right hoodia product is to purchase from a reputable source.  You will do best if you choose a hoodia supplement that is pure hoodia, and make sure that your supplement is made from hoodia gordonii, it is the only member of the hoodia family that has been shown to have any ability to suppress the appetite.

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