The Origins of Acai Berry


acay berry treeThe powerful attributes of the acai berry is a positive effect of its origins.  Local residents harvest the fruit from remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest in South America approximately two times per year.

Locals have used it for thousands of years, while the acai berry was introduced to the Western population in the 1990’s.

The super-fruit grows on the acai palm, which is typically situated in swampy areas.  Due to its untainted origins, the acai berry is an organic fruit that untreated with chemicals or pesticides.  As a result, the fruit contains a large amount of essential nutrients and minerals that keep the body healthy and fit.


The acai berry resembles other dark berries and is the size of a grape.  The color is dark purple and almost black.  The physical composition of acai berry consists of 3% of berry meat and 97% berry seed.

In order to keep the original nutrients intact, the acai berry is freeze-dried for transport since the fruit begins to weaken after 24 hours from harvest.  Reputable companies that provide high-quality products use this method.


This super-fruit is packed with vitamins, omega fatty acids and antioxidants that fight-off disease, promote a youthful appearance and enhance weight loss efforts.  Users experience a higher metabolism rate, healthier digestive system, body cleansing, restful sleep and more energy.  These positive effects make weight loss easier so that an individual is more likely to succeed.

Where to Buy Acai Berry Capsules – How to Purchase Safely

The Internet is becoming the place in which people make many of their purchases. This is because you don’t have to leave your home and search the shelves of a store. Instead, you simply go to a website, search the contents of that website, and then use your debit or credit card to make your desired purchase. Such is true when you are buying Acai Berry capsules so that you can better your life.acai_berries_hand-300x200

You can buy Acai Berry in your local supermarket or grocery store, but you will only be able to buy it freeze dried or in juice form if you go this route. This is the only way you’re really going to be able to have the fruit directly. However, you can also have the fruit in capsule, powder, or puree form as well. These forms are simply you receiving the fruit in a different way.

Where does Acai Berry come from?

The reason why you can’t buy Acai Berry in its original form in a store is because it comes from the Amazon Rainforest and it spoils quickly after picked. When it is freeze dried or put into capsule form, it has to be done within 24 hours in order for the antioxidants and all of the nutritious elements to be preserved. From there, you can enjoy Acai Berry in its many forms.

If you want a fast form of the fruit, the capsule is very popular. The berry is still pure, certified organic, and the benefits have been shown in lab tests. These little pills pack a punch.

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